Wellington, Colorado, United States


Welcome to Split Melon Farm, providing raw milk to northern Colorado


We are a small, family owned, family run heritage farm in Wellington Colorado.


What we offer:

Beautiful eggs from our laying hens


We raise several types of gorgeous laying hens. These girls are the princesses of our farm! 

Our breeds include: Bielefelder, Cochins, True Blues, Orpingtons, and Salmon Faverolles. We also raise Black Copper Maran hens.  Our hens lay the darkest shade of chocolate brown eggs. 

Marans eggs are highly coveted by pastry chefs and bakers for their creaminess. These eggs are often said to be the best tasting eggs in the world. Oui!

Raw milk


We offer raw milk herdshares for those interested in this natural superfood. We currently have four gorgeous milk cows.  Our girls run the show at our farm and are utterly pampered so that they provide us with incredibly delicious raw milk. They are both very friendly, love treats and visitors.

 Our milk is tested monthly and posted for our herdshare members.  

2019 Price List

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Drop a quick line to be added to our contact list. Or give me a call and schedule a farm visit.

We wholeheartedly believe that everyone, especially kids, should know where their food comes from. Respecting the animals and understanding the process of raising food is why we welcome our customers by appointment to visit us on the farm.

Split Melon Farm

17095 Mars Hill Lane, Wellington, Colorado 80549, United States



Afternoon farm chores and dinner time keep all of us busy during the afternoon and evening hours so, I like to keep visits during the day but will make an effort to be available in the evenings on Friday or Saturday if that’s the only time you can come to the farm.